STEPP Ticket Types

Ticket Type Type Description
Forgotten password I have forgotten my password.
Unable to login I am unable to login to the website.
Requested a password reset, but did not receive it I was unable to receive the automated password reset email.
Unable to locate courses I am having issues locating a course on STEPP or the Security Awareness Hub.
Request to update my email address I would like to have the email address on my account updated.
Problems accessing the site I am unable to connect to the STEPP website for training.
Receiving error message from the site I have received an error message on STEPP.
Unable to locate a course in my transcript I have completed a course, but am unable to find it on my transcript page.
Site suggestions I have a suggestion for a change or addition to STEPP.
Unable to enroll in a course I am unable to enroll myself into a course.
International student I am unable to enroll myself into a course due to my status as an international student.
Duplicate/Multiple accounts I have multiple accounts on the site, and would like assistance having them merged.
STEPP administrative permissions I am required to have administrative permissions on STEPP, but have not been given any.
Site-related questions I have a question regarding information about the site, how to use the site, or whether I have an account on the site.
eQiP access I need information on how to get assistance accessing the eQIP form.
Status of registration request I would like more information regarding my registration status for a course.
SPeD Certification I would like assistance with a matter regarding My SPeD Certification.
Unable to obtain certificate I am unable to claim or download my certificate of completion after completing a course.
Unable to locate certificate I do not know where to go to download my certificate of completion.
Unable to obtain next attempt at exam I am unable to unlock the next attempt at a course exam after going back through the course.
Unable to locate exam I am unable to locate the exam for a course.
Unable to register to the website I am experiencing issues creating an account on STEPP.
Course will not open The course pop-up window is not appearing when I click "Launch Course".
Course navigation issue I am unable to continue through a course due to an issue with the navigation buttons.
Course is freezing The course or course video is freezing and becoming stuck.
Course will not bookmark The course will not bookmark my progress.
Course functionality issue I am experiencing an issue with a course that is not encompassed by the other ticket types.
Unenrollment request I would like to be unenrolled from a course.
Course not marking completion The course will not bookmark my completion.
Other My issue does not fall under one of the above categories.